Meeting Schedule

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For any technical issues regarding Zoom meetings or to have your meeting added to the schedule, contact David L (775) 901-2752 or

Tahoe City

Monday Noon
Women’s birthday meeting

Meeting ID: 393 488 712

One tap mobile

Tuesday 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 972 427 399
Password: 633101

One tap mobile

Friday 7:30pm
Topic: TC Friday Meeting 12×12

Meeting ID: 335 632 827

One tap mobile


Dawn Patrol is now conducting all meetings via Zoom phone conferencing. Here is the phone number to call in and the meeting code. The host will open call at 6:55 and meeting will begin at 7am. You can download the Zoom App, which I found to be helpful, and sign in as a member and enter meeting code. Please announce yourself as you join the call, and mute your phone when you are not speaking so the background noise is minimized. We had our first call this morning and thought it went very well.

Phone number: 1 408 638 0968
Meeting Code: 150 261 866

7pm Daily Meeting

Meeting ID: 269 093 568

Kings Beach Golden Group

9am Daily Meeting

Meeting ID: 200 162 737

One tap mobile

1pm Daily Meeting

Meeting ID: 173 062 852

One tap mobile

6pm Tuesday (Women Only)

Meeting ID: 129 334 991

One tap mobile

8pm Daily Meeting
(Tuesday Night is a Men’s Stag Meeting)

Meeting ID: 192 992 764

One tap mobile